Successful Operations Infrastructure 

Industry: Large Format Color Printer

Role: Project Manager Number of people working on Assignment: 1 consultant/programmer, 9 client personnel

Duration of Engagement: 4 months

Problem Presented: The client needed assistance defining an operational infrastructure necessary to transition the company from being a start-up “product development” company to a complete sales, manufacturing, service and distribution company.

Assessment and Steps:
• Created a set of Document Control procedures covering part numbering, change control, control of purchased components
• Defined user interface for an On-Line Document Control System
• Converted existing departmental part numbering systems into a unified corporate system
• Released design using procedures and on-line tools created for this client

Results Achieved: Met client’s requirements for completing effort; built an operational infrastructure consistent with the culture and business needs. The client had appropriate tools and processes to accommodate multiple sites spread throughout California as well as support outsourced manufacturing. Suppliers had access to the latest drawings. Engineering Change Orders could be approved and incorporated in Engineering documentation and ERP within a few hours.

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Dave Gardner

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