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About: 100 Insights – Actionable ideas for business growth and sustainability


This book will inspire all people within a company, not just senior leadership. It provides a launching pad for insight, discussion, and action.

The purpose of 100 Insights is to grow businesses and promote sustainability. The book covers six areas that are key to achieving this purpose: 


1. Business Does Not Have To Be Complicated

2. Winning During Market Transitions

3. It’s All About Your Customer

4. Continuous Improvement Is A Differentiator

5. Your Business Through Your Customers’ Eyes

6. Eliminate Organization Gridlock

7. Are You Perfecting Mediocrity?

8. Relentless Focus on Details Positions A Company for Success

9. Work Ethic Is A Critical Component of Success

10. You Can’t Set It and Forget It

11. Be Alert Today; Be Alive Tomorrow

12. Do You Only Have One Strategy for Success?

13. Stuck Qi Harms People and Businesses

14. Why Enterprise I.T. Systems Are Needed

15. The Captain Needs Feedback

16. Are You Addressing Ineffective Processes?

17. How We Are Rewarded

18. What Process Improvement Initiatives Should You Focus On?

19. You Can’t Just Show Up To Thrive

20. Proactive Action Is A Differentiator

21. Let Go Of What’s Holding You Back

22. Embrace The Status Quo At Your Own Peril

23. Being Purposeful Will Help You Thrive

24. FEAR: False Evidence That Appears Real

25. Business Must Collaborate with I.T.

26. Current Growth Doesn’t Portend Future Growth

27. Breaking From The Status Quo

28. A Desk Is A Dangerous Place

29. Focus On Performance

30. Threats To Your Security?

31. Tenacity And Focus: Key Success Factors

32. Delighting And Exciting Customers

33. Being Intentional

34. Turbocharging Your Business Execution

35. Want To Stay In Global 1000?

36. 3 Things The General Electric CEO Learned In Military

37. The Unlived Life

38. Hunkering Down Is A Failed Strategy

39. Lessons Learned From Costa Concordia

40. Growing Pains

41. Do Headcount Reductions Make A Company More Competitive?

42. Changing How Work Gets Done

43. Being A Customizer Does Not Create Efficiencies

44. It’s All About Your Customer

45. Are Your Customers In The Driver’s Seat

46. How Social Media Can Improve Customer Experience

47. Stop Saying, “I’m Sorry”

48. This Business Never Connected With Marketplace

49. Get Rid Of Gatekeepers

50. Earning Customers—Customer Choice

51. The Yum/Yuck Test

52. When Customer Experience Is Not What It Should Be

53. Customer Experience Is Viewed Holistically By Customers

54. Customer Service Is A Mindset, Not A Department

55. Never Pretend You Care About Customers

56. Customer Service Trends You Need To Be Aware Of

57. Customer Service Technical Support Best Practices

58. Does Your Company Have Big Ears?

59. You Never Step Into The Same River Twice

60. Fall In Love With Your Customer, Not Your Technology

61. The U.S. Needs To Rekindle Its Mojo

62. How Entrepreneurs Thrive

63. Your Customers Are Intolerant of “One-Size-Fits-All” Solutions

64. Eliminating Friction in Configurable Products And Services

65. Are Your Customers Getting What They Want and Need?

66. What Are You Doing To Become The Tallest Tree?

67. Avoid Follow-Ship

68. Innovating Business Processes Creates Value

69. Making The Complex Simple

70. Steve Jobs & Perfecting Solutions

71. The Global Impact of Innovation

72. Eschewing Big Company Syndrome

73. Error Correction Versus Innovation

74. Simplifying Complexity Is Innovation At Its Best

75. Avoiding Death By Incrementalism

76. Delighting And Exciting Customers Via Innovation

77. Value Versus Cost

78. Strategy Versus Execution

79. The Role of Excitement In Business

80. A Leader Must Lead

81. Keys To Implementing Change

82. Be Intolerant Of A Bad Status Quo

83. Are There Really Unforeseen Circumstances In Business?

84. You Decide How And When Your Business Evolves

85. What Leaders Can Learn From Jesuits

86. Teams Can Become Too Comfortable

87. Leaders Go To Where The Work Is

88. Business Evolution Is A Continuous Journey

89. Leaders Are Honest With Their Teams

90. You Can’t Be Too Close to Customers

91. Dwell On Possibility

92. You Are Either Growing Or Dying

93. The First U.S. Chief Information Officer Challenged Status Quo

94. Carrot or Stick?

95. The Need To Delegate Trust

96. Fixing The Culture Of A Company

97. Believing In Your Value-Add

98. Dealing With A Chronic, Disruptive Influence

99. Leading In A Turbulent Environment

100. What’s More Important? Strategy Or Execution?


The foundation of 100 Insights is “Thank God It’s Monday”, a weekly article Dave’s been delivering to business leaders for over a decade.

With a little nudging from some of his colleagues and readers, Dave gathered a selection of articles that can be used by individuals and groups alike.

Each page has a section for notes, that you’ll undoubtedly need, when you put your business through the lens of these insights.

What People Are Saying…

“I look forward to Thank God Its Monday each week. Sometimes I cringe, sometimes I laugh and I always learn something.”– Joyce Mullen, President, Global Channel, OEM and IOT Solutions at Dell EMC

“I look forward to “Thank God Its Monday” to kick off my work week with keen industry insights and perspective that tap into Dave Gardner’s vast expertise.”–