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24.Sep, 2017 0

Becoming More Valuable Year After Year

In an article I authored for called How Much Experience Do You Have?, I quoted my then CEO, Harold Pinto, who offered: “Someone who repeats the same year of their life fifteen times doesn’t have 15 years of experience; they have one year of experience repeated fifteen times.” Employees need to work with their leadership team to innovate processes, innovate products, and grow to make more profound contributions. Employees need to make themselves more and more invaluable by diversifying their experience and their ability to contribute. Here’s an example in my life. I was Manager, Customer Support Services, at…

9.Jul, 2017 0

MCPs Are Alive & Well in Silicon Valley

MCP stands for “male chauvinist pig.” The expression took hold in the late 60s and 70s and held the energy that “men were superior” and, somehow, entitled to treat women as second-class citizens. Most corporations that I worked for conducted trainings to drill bad habits out of the men to avoid sexual harassment lawsuits. Men and women alike attended the same trainings. Everyone was on the same page. I’m aghast at the sexual harassment going on in Silicon Valley today. I would have believed that these bad and illegal behaviors would be but a distant memory. Clearly they are not….

25.Jun, 2017 2

Lessons Learned from London’s Grenfell Towers Fire

Just a few short weeks ago, I wrote in Government Regulations Add Value: Government regulations have their genesis in addressing previously unknown shortcomings or problems. The recent Grenfell Towers fire in London where some 73 people are believed to have perished is blamed on builders and regulators putting cost over safety. The night of the fire, I saw a tweet from Stanley Roberts of KRON TV 4 at about 10:30 p.m. PDT depicting the entire tower in flames. He knew the toll would be high as did I. Here are a couple of article excerpts from a New York Times…

11.Jun, 2017 0

Uber Is Destroying Its Brand

The news for Uber is not good: there are 2 investigations into the corporate culture underway: — One is being led by the former Attorney General under Barack Obama, Eric Holder — The second is being led by the law firm Perkins Cole 20 employees (including many executives) were dismissed from the company last week, most for bullying, sexual harassment and bias against other employees. That’s a staggering number of people and shows the extent to which the cancer has permeated Uber. Here’s an insight into Uber’s culture. A letter was sent to all employees back in 2013 telling employees the…

5.Jun, 2017 0

“D” Is For Defiance

The One Love Manchester concert yesterday was billed as an act of defiance against terror. It was much, much more. It was a coming of age for Ariana Grande and the stars who performed with her: Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay, Pharrell Williams and more. It was about their music, not about glitz and glamour. It was about love and compassion. Who can forget the images of Ariana Grande hugging terror victims in the hospital? It was about courage and overcoming fear: the fear of the terror act in Manchester 2 weeks earlier and the night before in…

14.May, 2017 0

“P” is for Perseverance

Babe Ruth said, “You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” We had a perfect example today with the Golden State Warriors beating the San Antonio Spurs 113-111 after being down 25 points in the second half of the game against one of the finest teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Never at any point in the game was I downtrodden about a potential Game 1 Western Conference Finals loss by the Warriors. Never. The Warriors never gave up. I knew they wouldn’t. They have a strong propensity for perseverance and superior execution. Entrepreneurs never give up….

19.Mar, 2017 0

Government Regulations Add Value

Government regulations have their genesis in addressing previously unknown shortcomings or problems. Let’s consider this statistic offered by Human Progress (@humanprogress) on Twitter: “2,373 people died in airline crashes in 1972. With nearly 10 times the airline passengers, only 186 died last year.” The upside in safety is due to regulations. In other words, as we learned about causes, regulations helped eliminate the causes. The Trump Administration has defined a rule stating that for every new regulation being enacted, 2 existing regulations must be eliminated. What is the process for deciding which regulations should be rolled back? What review is…

12.Mar, 2017 0

Lessons From New Stanford University CEO

I had the pleasure of hearing Stanford University’s new CEO, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, this past week here in Silicon Valley with my father, a 1948 Stanford grad. Here are three things he said that caught my attention: It’s important to think about and take action consistently to propel Stanford University to where it needs to be in ten years if the university is to maintain its stature and relevance in the world. Stanford’s competition won’t be sitting still so Stanford can ill afford to become lackadaisical about its future. While there is a building boom on campus, Marc believes that there…

27.Nov, 2016 0

Leadership–What’s Next With Fidel Castro Gone?

If I had suffered from (or knew people who had suffered) under the oppression of Fidel Castro, I suppose I’d be dancing in the streets as we’ve seen in Miami. I’m not so inclined. It is clear that Fidel had lost his grip on power in the last decade or the progress the U.S. has made in opening relations would never have happened. The U.S. should continue to move forward and expand on progress made, not erase progress made in the last few years by Barack Obama and Pope Francis in collaboration with Raul Castro. As one door closes–the passing…

13.Nov, 2016 0

Grubhub CEO Inspires Inclusiveness

This is not about our recent election, who won, etc. This is about encouraging inclusiveness and accepting diversity in our workplaces. I live and work in one of the most diverse regions in the U.S.: Silicon Valley. I have been alarmed by people being singled out for their ethnicity, religion, etc. Some seem to believe that it is no longer necessary to be “politically correct.” This is showing up as people being attacked, verbally, physically and emotionally. This is reprehensible. Matt Maloney, Grubhub CEO, decided to tackle this issue with his team. Here are portions of an article that appeared…