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27.Nov, 2016 0

Leadership–What’s Next With Fidel Castro Gone?

If I had suffered from (or knew people who had suffered) under the oppression of Fidel Castro, I suppose I’d be dancing in the streets as we’ve seen in Miami. I’m not so inclined. It is clear that Fidel had lost his grip on power in the last decade or the progress the U.S. has made in opening relations would never have happened. The U.S. should continue to move forward and expand on progress made, not erase progress made in the last few years by Barack Obama and Pope Francis in collaboration with Raul Castro. As one door closes–the passing…

13.Nov, 2016 0

Grubhub CEO Inspires Inclusiveness

This is not about our recent election, who won, etc. This is about encouraging inclusiveness and accepting diversity in our workplaces. I live and work in one of the most diverse regions in the U.S.: Silicon Valley. I have been alarmed by people being singled out for their ethnicity, religion, etc. Some seem to believe that it is no longer necessary to be “politically correct.” This is showing up as people being attacked, verbally, physically and emotionally. This is reprehensible. Matt Maloney, Grubhub CEO, decided to tackle this issue with his team. Here are portions of an article that appeared…

9.Oct, 2016 0

Who Inspires You Most?

My wife asked me “who inspires me most” this weekend. My answer: my wife. Why, she asked? I told her she always does her best to support me, to not let me live in denial about reality, to encourage me to let go of unimportant matters, and, more. She said, “You’ve never said that in the 13 years we’ve been together.” “Really?,” I said. Who inspires you most? Have you told this person? Have you expressed gratitude to this person? Thought for the week: “We postpone doing what matters most until sometime in the future when we hope it will…

22.May, 2016 0

Attracting And Retaining Talent

Two critical areas of leadership include: Attracting the right employees, and, Retaining your employees This is no easy task. A hiring mistake can set you back months and thousands and thousands or dollars much like an employee walking out the door can. Here’s an excerpt of a letter to the editor a friend and colleague Roberta Matuson of Matuson Consulting wrote recently: In the Boston Business Journal’s recent cover story, Tech-Talent Space Race, you highlight tales of businesses spending millions of dollars building out company playgrounds for their employees and yet employees are more dissatisfied with their employers than ever….

8.Feb, 2016 0

The Real Super Bowl MVP

Von Miller of the Denver Broncos was named Super Bowl 2016 Most Valuable Player (MVP). While he was my choice, I’m not sure he was the real MVP. It wasn’t the NFL who put on a grand show all over the San Francisco Bay Area It wasn’t the commuters who struggled to get around all the venues for up to 3 weeks It wasn’t the TV analysts and commentators who speak endlessly It wasn’t the thousands of security personnel who kept us safe-thank you! It wasn’t Lady Gaga who sung a magnificent Star Spangled Banner It wasn’t Coldplay, Beyonce and/or…

25.Jan, 2016 0

Enabling Yes Part 2

I was very impressed with a firm I met with in Montreal this past week: They are seen as a partner with their customers, not merely a vendor They see pressures to drive down their costs as an opportunity to innovate and increase their ability to compete The owners are fully-engaged and passionate about their business They are flexible and agile in overcoming supply chain problems for their customers going the extra mile as they pick up the slack at the end of the process They have a great in-house I.T. function that is pragmatic and helpful in meeting business…

4.Jan, 2016 0

Hire People For The Right Reasons

Today, the San Francisco 49ers season (5 wins and 11 losses) mercifully came to a close. At the end of last season, the 49ers fired the head coach, Jim Harbaugh. Known for great talent, intensity and passion, he may have not been the easiest man to work with. He is a brilliant coach–a coach any team should want. The new head coach for this storied National Football League franchise, Jim Tomsula, was a coach who worked for Harbaugh. He had no NFL head coaching experience. This promotion was destined for failure. And, tonight, Tomsula has been fired from the organization….

14.Dec, 2015 0

Durable Competitive Advantage

In a video on Yahoo Finance called “A Crash Course on Competitive Advantage“, the hosts of this Motley Fool Video describe insights from Michael Porter, a professor at Harvard Business School. Porter defines competitive advantage as a function of either: providing comparable buyer value more efficiently than competitors (low cost), or, performing activities at comparable cost but in unique ways that create more buyer value than competitors and, hence, command a premium price (differentiation). Either of these strategies help companies maintain an advantage over competitors and, generally, provide a wider profit margin. Warren Buffett, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire…

19.Oct, 2015 0

Killing A Company Slowly

“If we get orders and we don’t supply it and satisfy our customers, we’re going to fail as a company.” -John McCranor, vice president of warehouse operations, Lifetime Brands Inc., in the Wall Street Journal I had a client that seemingly loved post-order crisis management: Orders were shipped incomplete The wrong parts were shipped On-time delivery wasn’t even in their vocabulary There were technical issues with the products that did ship The client had a customer that represented 80% of their revenues. The COO said this problem was killing their business yet, for the troops on the frontline, this was…