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23.Apr, 2017 0

Why You Need An Independent Expert

The toughest business to consult with is your own business. Why? You have limited perspective beyond the easy issues Your team is often stuck in “this is how we do it here” mentality It’s too easy to “breathe your own exhaust” as my mentor, Alan Weiss, says Change is often seen as daunting even if it isn’t Would you be surprised to learn that I have many experts who help me with my business? It’s critical to my business that I have people I trust to act as a sounding board and call me on issues that need to be…

5.Mar, 2017 0

Following Your Passion

I’ve just returned from seeing the movie La La Land with my wife. It’s a fantastic movie. There’s an important lesson in this movie about passion. The leading man (played by Ryan Gosling) finds himself in the position many musicians find themselves in: to eat and live, you sometimes have to play music that is counter to what you really want to play. I know this first hand. One Winter, I had to play trumpet 6 nights at a German beer house in Palo Alto, California. Do you know what it’s was like for a jazz musician to dress in…