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10.Sep, 2017 2

Business Ethics Run Amuck

You probably heard about the following stories in the news this past week: Equifax announced a cybersecurity breach of information providing hackers with everything they need to assume a person’s identity: social security number, address, birth date, address, full name, etc. This was announced some 6 weeks after the last intrusion in July; the breach started in May. Equifax claims 143 million people are affected. And, here’s the icing on the cake: If you go to Equifax’s website to find out if you’ve been hacked, you have to accept that you are automatically opting out of suing them via an…

3.Sep, 2017 0

That Embarrassing Moment When…

I lease an office in Silicon Valley. After normal business hours, I discovered the men’s bathroom was running quite low on toilet paper. The office manager was out of the country on an extended vacation but left a phone number for us to contact if we needed something. I got the phone number and quickly sent a text message: Me: Hello, Gerardo–there’s no toilet paper in the men’s room in Building 26. Thanks for your help with this. Dave Gardner Me (moments later): Never mind. A colleague showed me a backup supply. Recipient: I’m glad you found the backup supply….

27.Aug, 2017 0

Is Capitalism A Problem?

In the July 11, 2017, article in Fast called Are Your Ready To Consider That Capitalism Is The Real Problem, Dr. Jason Hickel and Martin Kirk write: In February, college sophomore Trevor Hill stood up during a televised town hall meeting in New York and posed a simple question to Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. He cited a study by Harvard University showing that 51% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 no longer support the system of capitalism, and asked whether the Democrats could embrace this fast-changing reality and…

20.Aug, 2017 0

Brand Impact Is Customer Impact

Robin Sharma, a man who describes himself as “#1 best selling author of The Leader Who Had No Title, Founder of the Titan Academy and a Humanitarian offers: “We live in a world where people are forgetting about the power of quality, whether it’s a coffee-maker, a car, whether it’s a jacket or a pair of shoes. When you’re producing anything and releasing it to the world, make sure it’s of the highest quality.” “Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well, ” offered Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, who lived from 1694 to 1773. We have…

13.Aug, 2017 0

White Supremacists: Stand Down

What happened this past week in Charlottesville, Virginia, could have happened anywhere in the U.S. The rallying point was a decision of the local government to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee, general of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during the U.S. Civil War. The agitators in the conflict were white supremacists and neo-Nazis. My definition of white supremacist is anyone who is intolerant of non-whites. When a white supremacist sees any person of color, they associate their mere existence as the raison d’être for everything that is wrong in their life or the life of some white…

6.Aug, 2017 0

The Status Quo Is Deadly

As Sir Isaac Newton offered, an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by a force. Why is preserving the status quo deadly? A more agile competitor may seize competitive advantage whilst you are at rest Your market share can decline to the point of your company being irrelevant As companies attain greater efficiency, they can afford to decrease prices while maintaining profits, a move that can put a wounded competitor out of business. Are there examples of this? Boeing has lost nearly 50 percent of its market share to…

30.Jul, 2017 0

Seeking Refuge In The U.S.

I’ve been thinking a lot about approximately 90 people who were willing to risk their lives by travelling in a non-air conditioned semi truck trailer for hours in the Texas heat. Aside from having no seats, no seat belts, and no air conditioning or moving air, the ride would have been dreadful as the trailer is designed to carry many thousands of pounds, not a mere fraction of the total load-bearing capacity. The trailer would have bounced heavily whenever it hit an irregularity in the road. If these poor souls were travelling in darkness, the discomfort would have been greatly…

23.Jul, 2017 0

Enterprise Applications Change How Work Gets Done

We often hear that a company is implementing an ERP, CRM, PLM or a product configurator system. Yet, by these very words, there is a lack of appreciation of what is really occurring: You aren’t implementing an information technology system; you are changing the way work gets done. By itself, information technology accomplishes nothing. Leverage comes from the integration of people and process with the information technology. Most projects focus too much attention on the technology and too little on people and process. A successful project must be a collaboration between business team (the people who end up living with…

16.Jul, 2017 0

Great Stuff But Will Outcomes Improve?

When I consulted for a Fortune 50 company, I noticed the constant bombardment of emails to the sales team from the marketing team. The incoming emails had to feel like incoming missiles to be dodged on a daily basis. Oh, sure, they had the engineering specs, the use cases, customer testimonials–everything you’d need to be successful if only the messages were opened and read which they weren’t. If you were a sales person, what would you focus on? I’d focus on meeting quota and focusing on what my sales manager told me was important. I wouldn’t have time to read…

9.Jul, 2017 0

MCPs Are Alive & Well in Silicon Valley

MCP stands for “male chauvinist pig.” The expression took hold in the late 60s and 70s and held the energy that “men were superior” and, somehow, entitled to treat women as second-class citizens. Most corporations that I worked for conducted trainings to drill bad habits out of the men to avoid sexual harassment lawsuits. Men and women alike attended the same trainings. Everyone was on the same page. I’m aghast at the sexual harassment going on in Silicon Valley today. I would have believed that these bad and illegal behaviors would be but a distant memory. Clearly they are not….